The Art of Hand-Blockprinting

Jun 19, 2024

The art of hand-blockprinting in Pakistan goes back to the Indus civilization, some 5,000 years ago.

This is a printing technique that has been used to make traditional ajrak shawls, a hallmark of the local culture in Sindh province of Pakistan. Ajrak shawls are large pieces of rectangular cloth, that feature beautifully handprinted patterns in rich hues of red, maroon, black and blue.

Today, the art of hand-blockprinting with wooden blocks is being used to create beautiful contemporary clothing.

We are excited to work with a team in the Sindh region on our scarves - Niaz and Nadir (pictured here). These two are also neighbors and grew up together. First, Nadir carves out our design in the wooden block, using simple tools. It's a lot of physical labor and is time intensive.

The next step is for Niaz and his team to begin blockprinting our scarves by hand in natural dyes with these beautiful wooden blocks.

Browse our lovely collection of skillfully hand-blockprinted scarves on our shop.