Style Tips for Scrunchie-Scarves

Jun 17, 2024

Our scrunchie scarf is a 5-in-1 accessory that you will never tire of. Elevate your style with one of these beauties today.

There’s so many things to make you feel good with this accessory.

Not only is it handmade by women artisans in rural Pakistan, it is also plant-dyed and made from handloomed cotton fabric.

Ready to use this versatile accessory? Below, we’ve shared some fun styling tips. 

  1. Wear your scrunchie-scarf as a hair tie. First, tie your hair in a high or low ponytail. Now slide the scrunchie-scarf over your ponytail. Ta-da! Get ready to hear “ooohs” and “aaahs” from your friends and strangers.



  1. The scrunchie-scarf is connected through a narrow band, or loop. In some cases, the scarf is just tied onto to the scrunchie. You can easily slide out or untie the triangle scarf from the scrunchie. Now, style away!! How about - gather all your hair and tie the scarf in your hair for a fun look? See photo below.


  1. Wear the scrunchie in your hair and tie the scarf on your bag. You’ll notice that the scarf has a generous size, all beautifully hand-embroidered.



  1. You can wear your long hair in a bun and tie the scarf around your bun. See photo below to get some inspiration. 


  1. This beautiful accessory comes with a dust bag, so make sure to store your accessory in the dust bag. It was sewn by refugee women in Dallas, through a great local nonprofit. 

Taking good care of your accessory will help truly make it a timeless piece to cherish and wear.

Care tips: Hand wash your accessory in cool water with mild detergent. Lay it flat to dry. Iron with a warm iron. Store it in the dust bag provided.