Our Trip to Pakistan

Jun 15, 2024

Hope you're well. School's out. Summer is upon us.

Earlier in May, my mother and I traveled to Karachi (where I was born) to visit my brother. We enjoyed cold lassi, ate crunchy pani puri (see pic), and braved a camel ride. There were frequent power outages at our place, and the heat was not fun. I suffered heat exhaustion :(


When traveling, it's important to exercise caution. We do this by speaking Urdu almost 24/7 (yesss, I know the native language!), and by blending in with the locals.

I also met our artisan partners and picked up new scrunchie scarf sets and our NEW shirts... which launch soon!

Traveling to Pakistan reminds me of what a privilege it is to be American. That's why I believe we have a greater responsibility impacting positive change locally and globally.

Do you travel? What's your favorite spot to travel?